Hi, I’m Barbora and I’m a full time wedding and portrait photographer living in the Czech Republic, near the mountains in the city called Liberec, but I would like to travel the world with my camera, so you can take me on a trip wherever you go and I will capture your love and freeze that love moment between you two forever thanks to photography.

I love traveling, good coffee, books and my job.

If I have to choose a place where I would have to stay forever, it would be by the lake in the mountains. I prefer rain and fog over hot sunny day. And I don’t need to have a tons of people around me. Yep, I’m that kind of weird girl!

And why I choose this job?

First things first, obviously I love photography. I love capturing moments which will never happen again, I want to freeze them forever. I want to remind you how you feel that special day, how happy you were during your wedding day, I want you to feel every emotion again and again thanks to photos! I want you to have those frozen memories for your children, grandchildren, so they can tresuse them forever.

So take me on the adventure, let’s climb that mountain, let’s walk in the woods. And I will capture every smile, every kiss, every moment for you. And I promise I ́m not about those awkward setup unreal poses, I will let you be your real you and I want to capture it all.

So don’t play anything, just be you! It ́s only way you will love your pictures in the end and feel everything again.